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The Best Class To Solo With In Trove

Le 6 June 2017, 11:47 dans gaming 0

There are some Trove players want to get all loot while they don't mind playing with other people or they just want to be alone as long as the class doesn't rely on play with other people. So it's a good idea to find a class that would do all things well.

Best solo classes is definitely the bulky yet powerful ones, things like the Dracolyte, the Candy Barbarian and the Chloromancer, while they are not the fastest at things like farming, they will definitely get the job done.

Revenant or Lunar Lancer is a good chioce for solo player. Revenant + SS for brainafk spamming one button to kill everything and no need to avoid any ability of the bosses. Lunar Lancer + SS for the highest damage (300k+ crits) but punchbots can hit you hard.

For solo class, I would have to say the Candy Barbarian. While he might not do as much damage as other classes, his right-click ability gives you a small amount of health when you hit an enemy, which makes him really good at taking on large groups of enemies, and his ultimate does lots of damage, heals him a ton, and makes him attack faster for a short amount of time. 

Another class I enjoy is the Neon Ninja. He has really high damage, and his ability to backflip and leave a decoy means that you can dodge enemy attacks really easily, and focus on giving him lots of damage rather than health.

In addition, we always recommend Boomeranger to anyone starting out. It's the only class that offers melee and ranged weapons. It has built in bombs which are extremely helpful in farming ores or simply blowing your way through walls in dungeons. It can also hold it's own as far as damage and health goes. It really is the best class all around and it's a lot of fun to play.

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Trove Playing Tips And Tricks #1

Le 6 June 2017, 11:35 dans gaming 0

Trove is presented as the definitive free-to-play action MMO where players can battle shadow forces in realms filled with incredible dragons and objects created by other players. All this surrounded by a "voxel" aesthetic.

The game is split into worlds. You'll always start in the Hub world. Trove is split into 2 parts, building and adventuring. When you begin you pick a class to start with and go through the tutorial. This world has portals to other places based on level. The higher level the portal, the better the loot is and stronger the enemies are, so aim to go into a portal at your level. Remember that you cannot go into a portal that is higher level than you.

How to move in Trove world?

  • You move with the W/A/S/D keys and move your mouse to move the camera.
  • Q uses the flask you have equipped.
  • E interacts with the world and picks up loot by holding it down.
  • Left mouse button uses primary attack in adventure mode and places an item in build mode.
  • Right mouse button uses first ability in adventure mode and mines in build mode.
  • 1 uses second ability in adventure mode.
  • 2 uses ultimate ability in adventure mode.
  • Tab switches between adventure and build mode.
  • Spacebar makes you jump.
  • Look at your stats by pressing C and clicking the green Stats button. The jump stat is how many times you can jump before landing, so if you have a high jump stat, you can reach high places without any help.

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Le 9 May 2017, 12:12 dans gaming 0

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